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Hello, ISSUE 03

A special thank you to activist Moses Ssekyanzi, and 3 of our Auvert Society contributors: Grace Stoddard, Maariya Uddin, and Joy Meng. Click on the circles below to read.

Auvert Society Dec. 2023 Findings.png

And of course, we thank each and every one of our submitters, writers, and artists. We believe that artistic expression serves as a potent catalyst for inspiring goodness in our world. The notion of "changing the world" stands as a distant, almost ethereal concept, seemingly out of reach and belonging to a futuristic era—a relic of a society envisaged in new, unfamiliar realms. Yet, within this precise juncture of time and space, the people of today, here and now, are precisely the architects who will fortify the society of tomorrow. The Auvert Magazine is more than just a magazine centered on poetic verses dedicated to nature and people. Our aim extends beyond portraying mere beauty. We aspire to reveal the artistry in wielding the brush, swaying its bristles in remarkable strokes, showcasing the world beyond its conventional prettiness. 


                                                                                                                                         — Editor In Chief of The Auvert Magazine


Hold on, do you even have resolutions?

ecofriendly resolutions –– do you need ideas?

Delete your emails. Spam, ads, unimportant files––as many as you can.


Don't buy new clothing. REUSE. Or, only buy clothes you KNOW you'll rewear.


Bring your own bags to the grocery store. Try to recycle at-home products!


Join a sustainable organization. Like the Auvert Society! Application linked here.


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