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At The Auvert Magazine, our mission is to show people of all ages, both children and adults worldwide, how poetry has the power to help emotions find their way into words of expression. Through prose, art, and poetry, we aim to establish an unparalleled connection with poetry for you. If you wish to have a workshop from us, for us to come to your school, or create a workshop with us, please contact us at

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Join us

Do you want to get involved by contributing to workshops about poetry and/or the environment? If you are over thirteen and interested, apply to the Auvert Society here, where you can:

1. Teach children to build a relationship with and to write poetry.

2. Benefit your communities by spreading the word about global warming and effects.

3. Collect data to write articles and blogs regarding our current world.

4. Gain experience with leadership, social networking, and service. 

Why is climate change important?

The planet is suffering as a result of humankind's actions; both administrations and individuals need to make every effort to halt the dreadful effects of climate change. With every aridity and sea level rise, Earth, submerged in the carbon dioxide that satisfies the increasing billions in our population, begs to be rescued. As people who desire to live with expectations for future improvements, we must immediately mitigate the impacts of global warming and strengthen the resilience of the population; and yes, you can through The Auvert Magazine.

Our mission

The mission of our literary magazine is to serve as a powerful platform for raising awareness and inspiring action. We want to connect poetry to you. Poetry about you, for you, for our environment. Through the art of the written word, we strive to engage, educate, and empower individuals to understand the gravity of the climate crisis and take meaningful steps towards a sustainable future.


All submissions are currently closed. ISSUE 03 is out. You can read it below.


Read our issues below; not all pieces are focused on poetry or the environment. Issues are meant to be spaces that showcase strong writing and art.

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