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The Auvert Magazine is a literary magazine that advocates and is devoted to all the voices around the world. Through prose, art, and poetry, we desire to showcase matters that speak truth and life from various cultural vantage points. We are fascinated by the glimmering seeds of reality, fiction, and critical narrative that grow into flowers of form, language, and genre. As a strong supporter of protecting the planet, our fight against climate change begins with your writing.  Together, let us allow the earth to transition to green––au vert.


Join us!

Although everyone above the age of 13 can submit, members must be in middle or high school. At The Auvert, you will:

1. Benefit your communities through campaigns and fundraisers.

2. Write articles and blogs regarding our current world.

3. Edit poetry, prose, and art formats while gaining experience with leadership, social networking, + service.

4. How? Complete this Google Form.

5. We are so, so excited! Thank you for your interest.

Why is climate change important?

The planet is suffering as a result of humankind's actions; both administrations and individuals need to make every effort to halt the dreadful effects of climate change. With every aridity and sea level rise, Earth, submerged in the carbon dioxide that satisfies the increasing billions in our population, begs to be rescued. As people who desire to live with expectations for future improvements, we must immediately mitigate the impacts of global warming and strengthen the resilience of the population; and yes, you can through The Auvert Magazine.

Our mission:

The mission of our literary magazine is to serve as a powerful platform for raising awareness, inspiring action, and fostering dialogue on the urgent issue of climate change. Through the art of the written word, we strive to engage, educate, and empower individuals to understand the gravity of the climate crisis and take meaningful steps towards a sustainable future.


We are currently accepting poetry, art, prose, and fiction for ISSUE 02 by September 1st.

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