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At The Auvert Magazine, our mission is to demonstrate to people of all ages, from children to adults around the world, the profound impact that writing and art can have in raising awareness about global issues. We aim to create a powerful platform that inspires action and fosters understanding. Through the art of the written word, we engage, educate, and empower individuals to grasp the gravity of crises and take meaningful steps toward a peaceful, sustainable future.

Art can tell stories and convey messages in a way that words alone cannot. Through visuals, symbolism, and metaphors, artists can highlight issues, raise questions, and spark conversations. We invite you to join us today.

For Creatives and Leaders

Do you want to take a meaningful step in your community? If you are over thirteen and interested, apply to The Auvert Society here, where you can:

1. Organize and lead art and writing workshops to raise awareness about global issues.

2. Plan and execute community events, such as art exhibits and reading sessions, to engage and educate the public.

3. Collaborate with local organizations to promote sustainable practices and social justice initiatives.

4. Gain experience with leadership, social networking, and service. 

Join Us

You can join our mission by submitting to our magazine. Submissions for ISSUE 05 will open in August, but now is a good time to begin a piece with thoughtfulness and care.

We recommend staying informed about current events and identifying an issue that resonates with you—something you care deeply about and want to bring to others' attention.

You can visit this page for more resources and links.


21 chapters in schools. You can  create one by applying to the Auvert Society.


Over 4000 beautiful submissions. Thank you to all aspiring and current contributors.


15 months since we were founded! We look forward to the many more years ahead of us.


Submissions will reopen in August. Meanwhile, enjoy ISSUE 04!


Read our issues below; not all pieces are focused on poetry or the environment. Issues are meant to be spaces that showcase strong writing and art.

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