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Dear Readers, 

Thank you for stepping into this page. Thank you for submitting, for contributing, for discovering our brand new literary magazine––for allowing your eyes, right now, to read this exact line. The world is big. It is a mere void that encompasses a range of colorful shades under dark and blinding lights. As humans, however, we no longer pour ourselves into the skies and rivers that flow around us, nor do we pause to observe the bugs that illuminate the ostentatious night. Although earth's daring, racy atmosphere does indeed give satisfaction to the resting eye, we choose to look at something like . . . this. A screen.

Then let this screen provide you the sentiments that the world around you can. In ISSUE 01, you will hop into 

pink snowflake petals in a spring saunterempty alleys between fingers, the slight shiver of finality upon the air, and much, much more. 


With love,

The Auvert Magazine 

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