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Claire Kroening

Lorraine Fae

favorite colors

green and orange
she said
like photosynthesizing and burning
like heat and life and struggle and summer
like baking earth
and terra cotta
and plants on the windowsill
like the sun god who fell in love
with the earth down below

no more ponderosa pining

I hiked up the godforsaken mountain
and perched on the hill
overlooking the pines
sat for a while,
talked to you, in my mind
said my goodbyes
and there
in that quiet and wrathful sun
I let the wind blow you from me
breathed you out of my body
and left you
in those desert rocks

on opening your eyes on a sunny day

so I close my eyes
just to breathe for a little while
and when I open them
everything is gray
and my hands are smaller than I remember
and I must seek out color again
green grass, blue sky
to remember that my life
is not painted in black and white

Lorraine Fae writes poetry and prose about self-exploration, love and relationships, the natural world, and her personal experiences of being alive. She is a lover of all things natural, emotional, and magical. She recently graduated with her master’s in communication and is currently working on her first poetry collection. You can find more of her work on her Instagram account @thepoetlorraine.

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