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Submissions for Issue 05 will open in August.

PLEASE NOTE: It is NOT necessary for your pieces to be centered on environmental issues. Issues are meant to be spaces to feature strong, beautiful and meaningful writing.


Historian Jill Lepore wrote in These Truths (lovely book on the history of the United States, deserves a high recommendation): "The fates of old books are as different as the depths of the ocean." Don't let your words be lost––and certainly not over email, which is why we suggest that you follow these guidelines. 

Email your submissions to with subject line "[medium] submission - [what I am submitting to]." 

Mediums include prosepoetryartfiction, non-fiction, photography, and more. If you wish to submit more than one type of medium, please send another email. In the body of the email, introduce yourself (name and last name), as well as a short biography.

Attach your submission as instructed below:

If any form of writing (e.g. poetry, prose, fiction) - A PDF file, Google Document, or Word Document will suffice.

If artwork - A PNG file or JPEG file.

Please name the file as the title(s) of your piece(s). 

We strive for you to be featured. Truly. However, your work will be automatically disqualified if you are under thirteen, if it it is plagiarized or contains anything ableist, racist, homophobic, etc. Additionally, by submitting your medium, you acknowledge our right to publish and showcase it on social media. We also reserve the right to nominate works for honors, including Best of the Net and the Pushcart Prize.

                          Good luck!

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